REJECTED Writing Challenge OPEN AGAIN!

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REJECTED Open To Everyone

Deadman’s Tome announced a new writing contest called REJECTED where authors will compete against each other in doing the most with limitations: random plot, 3,000 words, and a week.

At first the contest was very inclusive and followed a handful of people, but now the contest is open for all. Contestants can rise to the challenge and dare to face off against one another in this multi-round elimination game.


  • No entry fee
  • Submission approx 3000 words
  • Use the random generated plot 
  • Cut throat elimination with YOUR submission read LIVE and  JUDGED
  • No cheating
  • Last author standing receives a cash prize of $50 (PayPal)
  • Don’t expect to be coddled!

Random Plot


“One night, a girl, a college student, and a widow try to summon a monster.”

Time Limit

Due September  1st, 2016

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Gary Buller is the man. He is the first and only patron at the moment. If I ever feel the need to split the tasks and request help or even talk business proposals, he would be first choice.

Even if you became a patron today and out did his $1 pledge, you would still be less than him, because he’s that awesome. You could, howeve, be one of the more recognized fans and support the Deadman’s Tome patreon! Plus, it only takes a dollar. Becoming a patreon is super easy and super cheap.

How do you become a patreon? The link is right here.

Deadman’s Tome 2016 Site Stats and Stuff About Money


Get ready for the exciting world of stats!

No, I’m not going to post a borefest. No one would read that. However, you’ve probably noticed the bulging orange erection of 2016! The views on the Deadman’s Tome has increased drastically. I’m honestly impressed.

How did Deadman’s Tome jump from below 5,000 to 16,000? I’ll tell you why. It’s because of the content. It’s because of the aggressive pay for performance approach.

Speaking of pay.


This is a list of the TOP performing stories of 2016. Red lines indicate stories I’ve paid for. Dave Hann, your payment is next.

What’s the method to my madness? length of time.

Unbloom by Kristine Hall-Garcia shot through the roof. The story was published two months ago, roughly. Yet, the story has already climbed the charts. Is it stat padding? is it boosting? Is she paying for hits? I don’t know, and I’m mostly joking Mrs. Hall. What it tells me is that Kristine knows how to network. She should spread some of that horror love to other stories, and I’m sure she will.

Authors and newcomers, it is in everyone’s best interest to read, like, and share the horror. Believe me, when you share other people’s work, they’ll share yours. If they don’t, then I will get on to them about being a dick.

Write horror and want to join in on this craziness? Then what the fuck are you waiting for? Read the submissions page and send your submission.

Pros and Cons of the Zombie Life

Mr. Deadman can’t do a show tonight because he has “on-call”. That’s right, your so-professional publisher is out working the night shift “escorting” ladies and gentlemen back to their homes and backseats to support the Tome. 

Mr. Deadman working the day shift

He’s asked me, Undead Greg, to fill in. But the dead dude sprung this up last moment. I present to you one of my more popular Zombie Times episodes.

As a red flag of society, I love comments and praises. Please let me know what you think of the episode and you’ll be given 30 min of zombie immunity when the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens.

Story Prompts: Megadeath to Survival

An interesting writing prompt. Writers interested should follow this blog.


A star gone supernova 4000 years ago could scorch a hemisphere in the next minute with very little warning. Old news for astronomers and the paranoid. What would that be like having everything going up in toast where you are right now? How about now? Now?


What if you had been in a parking garage? How would you live once you saw what happend? After a year, everything would start growing back and the rest of the world would only start on the fringes of the Doom Zone. Memorize these videos. The lack of narration makes them strangely restful.

Scavaging for civilization would be deadly dangerous. Identifying warning logos would have been burnt away. The rewards for finding the correct gasses would be great as they could be used for everything from air conditioning to fuel to weapons against rival gangs. Here’s a fellow who knows all of the uses…

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Pakistani Man Kills 2nd Wife In Honor Killing After Killing 1st Wife and Feminist Still Say America is a Patriarchy!

And feminists in America say that they are living in a patriarchy. Why? Because of media representation? Talk about a self-entitled, coddled, pampered, first world problem. 

A real patriarchal society would 

  • Permit beatings
  • Punish female adulterers with acid in face
  • Would require women to walk around as ninjas
  • Would prevent women from driving
  • Would value goats over women
  • Would require THREE women to testify on a rape case. THREE. That’s how little a woman’s word is taken.
  • Would allow underage marriage  (child sex, let’s be real here)
  • Condon honor killings!

Guess what country allows the horrible and misogynistic actions above? Every single Islamic nation. Every single nation where Islam is the rule of the land. Is that wrong? Present evidence. 

Guess what country doesn’t allow those horrible misogynistic actions? America. 

In America, you can’t kill off your wife and get off Scott free, not unless your OJ Simpson. OJ had money and influence. Everyone knows that America is the land where money and influence runs supreme. But you know what OJ didn’t do? Even he didn’t just admit that he did it. He definitely didn’t admit that he did it as an honor killing.

People in America can’t just kill their wife and move on to the next without getting punished. In America, a man can’t kill a woman as an honor killing and get away with it. 

The only two people that could get away with flat out killing someone is Hillary Clinton and male-to-female transvestite with a reality show.

So, feminists, the battle against the patriarchy would be better served in the middle east. I’m sure if you did a kickstarter project called Liberate Middle Eastern Women that people would donate in droves. You would then be in a position to muster real change and liberate women from a truly patriarchal society.

Don’t Breathe and Related Horror Stories


A group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

Committing the perfect crime is only possible if you have what it takes to endure the nightmare of guilt, remorse, and the occasional haunting.

In the spirit of Don’t Breathe, check out Book of Horrors – More Plastic Wrap a horror short where a broke freeloading thirty something year old plots thought that his mom’s “accidental” death would be easy to cover up.

Also check out Uxoricide by Bob McNeil a horror short that parallels the O.J. Simpson murder situation and illustrates how even egomaniacs aren’t immune to haunting remorse.


Deadman’s Tome looking for Staff Writers 

Have an opinion and want it heard? 

Deadman’s Tome is looking to bring people aboard to help the zine grow. 

I am looking for talented writers that can find time here and there to write reviews of horror publications. 

I am looking for talented writers with strong conservative political opinions that respect free speech and mock SJW silliness.

I’m looking for people that have an opinion on everything!

Interested? Contact